Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday, Cry Me a River

Good morning, insects. It is I, Yola. Friday is the day that stands on the bleeding edge of drunken revelry and ships passing in the night. I don't know about you lot, but I'm laundering my little cotton socks right now.

What's playing on the toaster? Farrah Fawcett's timeless version of Sinnerman. Mmm.

Since I'm not planning on straining my eyes to find wisdom in the comments of Cyberdrew this weekend, this will be my final post for the week. If you want more Yola, meet me at the watering hole. Bring your credit card. My month is emerald and my year is steel.

Next week, I have a facial so my favorite elected official will be nattering into your little shell-like ears, Congressman David Crockett from the insignificant state of Tennessee. Please bow and scrape as usual.

And for today, one last question for you to consider. Where do you writers get your ideas?
Ta for now, YOLA


  1. Dear Yola: I get my ideas at Dollar Tree. They come in 12-packs, and sometimes contain a darling little temporary tattoo.

  2. My ideas come in 6-packs, and usually say Budweiser on the box.

    BTW, I urge all you Yolamaniacs to check out the cool new blog hosted by my pal Zipper:

  3. I'm not saying where I get my ideas, but 6-packs are often involved, as are tattoos. Great minds, eh?
    In other news, due to overwhelming demand (enough with the emails already, Yola, you're overloading my mailbox) I have added my photo to the Followers. Feast the eyes, boys and girls.

  4. Sir or Madam (I ain't sure which),
    It's right flatterin' that you reckon an old varmint like myself could step and don your blogmaster hat, but just in case you was nappin' during your history lessons, I'm dead.
    yrs, Davy

  5. Davy, I think Yola meant your great x 14 grandson David. Of course we all worship you like the magical creature you are, and would love it if you shared words of wisdom--like for instance how you died. But David is young, web-savvy, and probably has a campaign coming up. You devil him enough as it is. Stick to what you know. It's not all about you.

  6. I don't get my ideas from such mundane places as dollar trees and six packs. I have nine lives from which to collect the wisdom of the ages. But I get my very best ideas from catting around downtown. Oh, the sights I see. Oh, the humanity!

  7. I get my inspirations from old school friends, people on the bus, and my own life story.

  8. You ride the bus to work?? Sheesh! What bus route is Hell on?

  9. Ideas-R-Us is a good spot, but eIdeas is gaining and you can get some real cheapies at Wal-Smart.