Thursday, June 11, 2009

Carmen Electra, cloning and cheap airline tickets.

Oh yeah, and Brook Burke, bestiality and bonnaroo. And let us not forget the Hun’s Yellow Pages or how to get pregnant. Or Willow Palin. Or, god forbid, Susan Boyle.

No, I don’t want to talk about any of those people or things or things masquerading as people. I’m not ever sure who (Jamie Czerniawski) or what (New Moon) some of them are. I’m just appalled at the number of blogs and websites that toss these names (Jon and Kate) and terms (ubersexual) about willy-nilly just because they’re some of the most searched words (fibromyalgia) on the Internet. It’s a shameless (Britney Spears) tactic to drive web traffic to their sites (sublimedirectory), clawing their way to the top (brangelina) by fooling the webcrawlers (eminem) into thinking they're popular (poop freeze).

Well, you won’t encounter that sort of despicable behavior (Howard Stern) here at Yolawriters (Thumbzilla!). I prefer to build my blogosmic empire the old fashioned way (gnutella!) – by pestering hell out of my friends and relatives (Colin Cowherd!). Yola out.


  1. Dear Yola,
    Are Brad and Angelina really breaking up? Do you think Brad will get back together with Jen? Is that a hysterical pregnancy, do you think? Could be; that's one hysterical woman.

    And Buffy. What do you think? Was she the least interesting character on the show. Or was it her pie-faced sister?

  2. Andrea Thompson. Bukkake. Dragonball Z. Elephantlist. Free porn. Harry Potter. Jennifer Lopez. Mad cow disease. Pubmed. Spanking!

  3. Jeez Louise! Jamie Czwhatever is a hot Wife Swap babe who stabbed her real life hubby, and New Moon is the sequel to Twilight. What century are you living in?