Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feeling the Love

Greetings, humans. It is I, Yola. Thursday always makes me think of Friday, how about you? Yes, a Thursday can be very like a Friday. Go to your local for lunch, eat a little raw meat with your beer. After work, roll over to the Yukon and kick YBarbie's plastic butt. I'm feeling it.

What's playing on the toaster right now? The stupid thing fritzed out on me and refuses to play anything but Journey and Rush. It's probably buried in the Ukrainian language directions somewhere, how to make those squealing rock legends shut up and die.

So in keeping with the end of week theme, tell me how you all write love scenes. Do you wear silk and burn fancy candles? Do you open a bottle of Moet and imagine someone other than your spouse? Do you go to the petting zoo?

So many possibilities.


  1. I used to put a stack of Tony Bennett and Al Martino platters on the hi-fi and think about Uncle Milty stretching one of those dreamy arms out of the television set and caressing my...

    ...cheek, of course. Those were the 50s, after all.

  2. I always strip naked and coat my body with Crisco. For what happens next send $19.99 via PayPal to YukonBarbie@yahoo!com.

  3. Crisco. Cool, I never thought of that. I use Welch's Concord Grape Jelly.

  4. Thanks for the prompt payment, Yola. The details will arrive in a plain brown email. Got your payment, too, Cerberus honey, but if you check your account you'll see I refunded it. I wouldn't take money from YOU.

  5. Ooh, YukonBarbie, would you send one to me? I've always wondered how you maintain that life-like sheen on your rigid plasticine body.

    To answer your question, Yola, I model anatomically correct figues out of chocolate. They're delicious and educational. Sometimes my dogs eats them, and as you know, chocolate is very bad for dogs. I was concerned when he ate the figure of The Rock. Took him to the vet, had his stomach pumped. The dog, not The Rock. He's fine now.

    Does anyone know what The Rock is? Human, vegetable (hey, YukonBarbie), or mineral?

  6. I'm afraid flattery won't do, K. It's $19.99 or nothing.