Thursday, August 13, 2009

Uncle Dick With Book

Good morning, humans. It is I, Yola. Today is Thursday, the day most likely to be mistaken for Friday. The good news this week (other than the thermos of Echinacea-tinis waiting in my desk. Got to my keep my strength up, yow!) is Uncle Dick has a book.

After two months of tireless searching for a publisher, Simon & Schuster stepped up with $2 mil for the slim volume that will one day embrace the memoirs of Dick Cheney. How to put a price on 40 years of memories?

Let's try.

  • Condoleeza of the Shoes scored $2.5 mil from Crown
  • Tina Fey $6 mil from Little, Brown
  • GWB $7 mil from Crown (this must hurt so good)
  • Sarah Palin (somewhat difficult to confirm as I don't have a Facebook account) $7-11 mil
  • Hillary Clinton earned $8 mil for her latest from Scribner
  • Tony Blair (remembered fondly as Poodle) $9 mil from Random House or 5 mil pounds, Yola's conversion tables have been powered into the toaster today for a rousing tribute to Rashid Ali.
  • And finally…Bill Clinton for $11 mil from Random House. And I'll bet that one's paid out, oh baby, especially the audio.

So, Uncle Dick, putting this all in perspective, it looks like S&S is not putting any mojo into this publishing sensation. It's the celebrity book version of a $1000 token advance and the guest blog circuit.

From the Washington Post by way of the New York Post (sent by a devoted love slave. What's for dinner, honey?): "In the second term, he [Cheney] felt Bush was moving away from him." It must feel like everyone else is too. Yola feels your pain, sweetheart. Come by the Yukon some night for more. Actually, I don't mean that. Tony can come by.

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  1. Don't bother with the book. Just listen to the song. "Big Dick Cheney Man" by Chris Kennedy (to the tune of "Secret Agent Man.) Tells you everything you need to know.